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Health Professions Access to Higher Education
The Access to Higher Education (HE) Diploma is a qualification which prepares students for study at degree level. If you would like to go to university but left school without the qualifications you need, then an Access to HE course could be for you.
Career prospects
This Access to Higher Education (HE) Diploma is designed for a career path into the following professions:
    The course takes a year to complete
    The course is run on a monthly basis
    The course is 100% online by distance learning with full support given by your tutor and customer service team
    This Diploma is gained by achieving the following credits:
  • 30 Level 3 credits in Biology
  • 6 Level 3 credits in Psychology
  • 3 Level 3 credits in Sociology
  • 6 Level 3 credits in Health Studies
  • 6 Level 3 credits in Study Skills
  • 6 Level 3 credits in Academic Studies
  • 3 Level 2 credits in Maths
  • Age
    There is no maximum age limit for starting a course
    Your place can be reserved by paying an initial deposit followed by further monthly payments

    Course Duration 12 Months 9 Months 6 Months
    Required Study Time 20 Hours Per Week 30 Hours Per Week 40 Hours Per Week
    Total Price £1,150 £1,350 £1,550
    Deposit £250 £350 £550
    Interest Free Monthly Payments 6 x £150 5 x £200 5 x £200
    Or Discounted Upfront Payment £1,050 £1,250 £1,450
    For the full certificate to be awarded you will need to compile a portfolio of assignments, which are externally moderated
    How to Apply


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Health Professions Access to HE Diploma