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Health Professions Access to Higher Education

Dietitians translate the science of nutrition into everyday information about food. You'll advise people and help them make informed and practical choices about their food and nutrition. You'll assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. You'll also teach and inform the public and health professionals about diet and nutrition. Your aim is to promote good health and prevent disease in individuals and communities.

Dietitians are skilled at translating scientific and medical research related to food and health into practical guidance for the general public.

In the NHS, you'll work in hospitals or in the community. However, outside the NHS, dietitians also work in the food industry, education, sport, media, public relations, publishing or research. Some work on a freelance basis. You'll work with individuals and communities with both healthy and sick people.

You could, for example, work with people who have digestive problems, want to lose weight, need to put on weight after an illness, have HIV, have an eating disorder, want to improve their sports performance or have an allergy.

As well as working with other health professionals and nutritionists, you may supervise the work of dietetic assistants. Dietitians and nutritionists have different roles and training and are regulated by different bodies.

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