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Adult & Child Nursing

Health Professions Access to Higher Education

Nursing is more than just a job; it’s a career with a huge range of opportunities for anyone with the passion to make a difference. Our Access to HE Diploma gives you the opportunity to apply for a degree in Nursing, specialising in Adult, Children, Mental Health, Learning Disability or General Nursing. This can lead to a career working in the NHS, the private sector, the community, research, or education.

As a nurse, the impact you have on other people’s health and wellbeing is huge. It can be instant, if you work in critical or emergency care, or it may take longer, for example helping someone with a learning disability gain a new life skill. Either way, witnessing that positive change in someone is very rewarding.

With a starting salary of over £21,000 per year, pay for newly qualified nurses compares favourably with graduate entry salaries in other fields. The highest paid positions, like a director of nursing, can earn over £95,000 per year.

We offer pathways tailored specifically for Access to:

Health Professions Access to HE Diploma